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Now where have I put my glasses?

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Annie Riddle

Amid the winter snow a foretaste of summer fun

Posted on 10:00am Friday 6th February 2015

DON’T you love that silence that descends along with snow?

Annie Riddle

No fairytale ending for Pixie – or for Salisbury

Posted on 9:00am Friday 12th December 2014

WELL now, I haven’t been so shocked since Sunday, when head judge Len booted the lovely Pixie – the best dancer on Strictly – off the show.

Annie Riddle

Forgive me if councils have made me cynical

Posted on 11:00am Thursday 7th August 2014

WHEN is empire building not empire building?

The world's going mad

Posted on 2:27pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

QUESTIONS, questions...

The best of luck to our new sixth form college

Posted on 5:02pm Thursday 6th March 2014

THIS week I have mostly been sniffing, sneezing, and coughing, and as a result, looking at the world through even more jaundiced eyes than usual.

Welcome to Tesco Towers

Posted on 8:38pm Wednesday 24th April 2013

WOULD you like to stay in a hotel on top of ‘Town Tesco’?

Hobson's choice for voters

Posted on 3:49pm Wednesday 17th April 2013

IT was Henry Ford, that pioneer of motoring for the masses, who stated that purchasers of the Model T could have any colour that they wanted “so long as it is black”.

A nice warm covered market? Yes, please

Posted on 12:30pm Wednesday 3rd April 2013

I WAS intrigued by the proposal drawn up by a trio of local architects for a covered market, with budget hotel rooms overhead, on the site of the bus station.

Annie Riddle

A gadget too far

Posted on 2:26pm Wednesday 27th March 2013

MY struggles with a new mobile phone struck a chord with many readers, and with women in particular.

City under siege

Posted on 4:51pm Wednesday 20th March 2013

I HAVE yet to meet a single person who wants a hotel and drive-through McDonald’s squeezed onto the tiny wild space between Tesco and Southampton Road.

What is going on in Southampton Road?

Posted on 3:15pm Wednesday 13th March 2013

QUESTION: What is going on in Southampton Road?

I don't buy this jargon

Posted on 3:46pm Wednesday 27th February 2013

I DON’T like being called a “consumer”.

Smart phone...shame about the owner

Posted on 3:11pm Wednesday 20th February 2013

I WAS perfectly happy with my old mobile phone.

My vision for Salisbury...

Posted on 10:48am Wednesday 6th February 2013

CONTINUING my train of thought from last week, I’m starting to question whether it’s wise to build more shops on the central car park.

Show respect for our lovely cinema

Posted on 3:24pm Wednesday 30th January 2013

A GIRLS’ night out to see Les Misérables at the Odeon was an eagerly awaited treat.

Car parks spin money for council

Posted on 7:00am Thursday 24th January 2013

I DON’T know if you watched the BBC1 documentary Parking Mad a couple of weeks ago.

Argy bargy does no one any good

Posted on 6:00am Thursday 17th January 2013

WHAT are we going to do with the growing number of elderly folk in Salisbury and south Wiltshire who need some form of care?

Hats off to the 'red tape' knitters

Posted on 11:51am Wednesday 9th January 2013

I KNITTED my husband a jumper once. Don’t laugh.

Collie Wobbles

Posted on 11:59am Monday 31st December 2012

AS I write this, I’m waiting for a man to come and tell me how to make my dog behave.

Good to see public get involved with plans

Posted on 2:01pm Wednesday 12th December 2012

IT was encouraging to see more than 700 people turn out on Sunday to view the redevelopment plans for the Maltings and Central Car Park.

Market is lovely, but room for improvements

Posted on 7:00am Thursday 6th December 2012

YOU could have dipped my fingers in breadcrumbs and sold them in the frozen food aisle of a supermarket on Thursday night.

Look before you leap

Posted on 4:17pm Wednesday 21st November 2012

MIRROR, mirror on the wall, who’s the dimmest of them all?

Stand up for Salisbury

Posted on 12:45pm Wednesday 14th November 2012

MY first reactions on hearing that Salisbury City Council was hosting an event to encourage people to stand for election were, I’m ashamed to admit, a wry smile and a world-weary shake of the head.

Every teenager should go to see The Spire

Posted on 4:00pm Wednesday 7th November 2012

I’VE no qualifications as a theatre critic, but I’m grabbing this opportunity to spread the word about The Spire, on at the Playhouse until November 24.

Be realistic about recycling

Posted on 11:19am Thursday 1st November 2012

I WAS fascinated to learn that Wiltshire Council is going to be sending round recycling officers to offer advice to those families struggling to squeeze all their “residual waste” into one bin under the new fortnightly service.

You never know where singing will take you

Posted on 5:07pm Wednesday 24th October 2012

THERE I was, among thirty-odd women milling about outside Marks & Spencer on Saturday, wondering whether I was about to make a complete lemon of myself.

Hampton Park - what price democracy?

Posted on 10:24am Thursday 11th October 2012

I’D like to be able to say that any shred of faith I retained in the ‘democratic process’ was destroyed when Wiltshire Council decided to back away from legal action and bow to the inevitable blot on the landscape that will be Hampton Park II.

Post, past and present

Posted on 1:36pm Thursday 4th October 2012

“THANKS for the postcard,” said my former colleague in the Journal newsroom, sounding faintly bemused. “I didn’t know you’d been in Italy.”

Good glorious food festival

Posted on 4:31pm Wednesday 19th September 2012

I ALWAYS look forward to the annual Salisbury Food and Drink Festival.

Annie Riddle

Criminal waste of money

Posted on 11:30am Tuesday 4th September 2012

ARE you excited by the prospect of being able to vote for the county’s first Police Crime Commissioner in November? Neither am I.

Wonders are all around us

Posted on 4:14pm Wednesday 22nd August 2012

WE found ourselves with three days to spare at the end of the week, along with day tickets for Birdfair 2012.

Speed limits? I should be so lucky!

Posted on 5:50pm Wednesday 15th August 2012

IN the daily tailbacks on the Netherhampton Road in Harnham , where workmen are scheduled to take 17 weeks – that’s more than four months!! – to replace an ageing gas main – there is plenty of time to think.

Annie Riddle

Shoppers paradise?

Posted on 10:43am Thursday 26th July 2012

I’VE got an idea. It was inspired by Sainsbury’s brilliant plan for a superstore and petrol station off the Southampton Road.

Annie Riddle

Tales of the riverbank

Posted on 9:53am Friday 6th July 2012

LIVING, as I am fortunate enough to do, alongside a river, you see the most peculiar things floating towards you at times.

Annie Riddle

Home and away

Posted on 3:07pm Wednesday 20th June 2012

I COULD have been watching England in the Euros instead of writing this, but it’s too stressful for me. While I always wish our national team well, family life with three Spurs fans has confirmed my suspicion that the best way to avoid ultimate disappointment is not to care too much in the first place.

Annie Riddle

Another nail in the coffin

Posted on 3:03pm Wednesday 20th June 2012

THE news that Salisbury Pet Stores is to close filled me with sadness.

Annie Riddle

Reunited with the knights

Posted on 2:43pm Wednesday 20th June 2012

I USED to belong to the Knights of Arkley. I wasn’t a knight, because a) I’m a girl and b) I gave up riding as a teenager because I kept falling off. No balance.

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