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I love my new sofa. But my bottom doesn't

Posted on 4:31pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

HURRAH! I am picking up my new sofa tonight.


No fun for arachnophobes

Posted on 12:48pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

As I may have previously mentioned, I used to have a fear of flying.

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My date with Elvis... I was conned

Posted on 3:52pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I HAVE been duped.

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My killer kitty's pressie does not fill me with joy

Posted on 3:36pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

APPARENTLY we have several cases of cats passing on deadly tuberculosis to their owners.

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My brain is trying to trick me into smoking

Posted on 4:24pm Wednesday 26th March 2014

SINCE my heart attack scare after strolling up a small hill last week, I have stopped smoking.

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Lent? Pah, I'm no quitter

Posted on 3:45pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

ON Ash Wednesday I had the bright idea of announcing to the newsroom that we should all give something up for Lent.

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Lack of sofa space providing me with free decorator

Posted on 12:51pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

SINCE my Antiversary Party last week, we have a problem in my house.

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To my friends: Thank you for everything

Posted on 1:37pm Saturday 1st March 2014

IT was my party last night. My Antiversary Party.

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My cure for depression... bidding on vintage clothes

Posted on 3:34pm Wednesday 12th February 2014

AT times over the last year as I’ve worked my way through this black comedy of what is my life, sometimes I sink into a deep despair.

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I don't care what you're selling. Go away

Posted on 2:23pm Thursday 30th January 2014

I'VE got a bit of a thing about salesmen.

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I am holding a doomed marriage party. What fun!

Posted on 4:06pm Wednesday 22nd January 2014

OVER the last year I have felt a bit like a character in a sitcom.

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Stop playing the blame game over cancer

Posted on 2:54pm Wednesday 15th January 2014

A CLOSE friend of mine has just been told she needs a life-changing operation because she is teetering on the brink of developing cervical cancer.

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My resolution is... to do what I can

Posted on 2:27pm Wednesday 8th January 2014

SOME people have cast iron willpower.

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Reader, I am attracted to a Norwegian

Posted on 5:00pm Thursday 19th December 2013

I HAVE fallen in love.

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Feeling a bit bah

Posted on 5:22pm Wednesday 11th December 2013

FOR the first time since the Teen has been on this earth, we will be spending Christmas Day with friends and not family this year.

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Lofts and sheds... a task more suited to the boys

Posted on 10:00am Thursday 5th December 2013

IT may come as a bit of a surprise to many of you, but I am only a little bit of a feminist. In fact, pretty much not a feminist. At all.

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Bragging friends' Christmas newsletters make me want to write my own antidote

Posted on 1:00pm Friday 29th November 2013

MY friend received a “family newsletter” a couple of days ago that has driven her into a frenzy.

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Yoga at bedtime? It’s one way to bring out the animal in you

Posted on 9:00am Thursday 21st November 2013

SLEEP has been a little bit elusive for me over the last few weeks.

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Old-fashioned bonfire night

Posted on 2:25pm Wednesday 13th November 2013

REMEMBER, remember the fifth of November back in the days when we had back garden bonfires, sparklers, stamp-your-feet icy nights and fathers accidently catching nearby trees and shrubs alight?

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The scariest thing on Halloween was my fluffy pink bathrobe

Posted on 2:59pm Wednesday 6th November 2013

WE didn’t get any bandaged corpses or zombies banging on our door begging for Halloween treats this year.

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The dog's loyalty overcomes his stubborness

Posted on 3:29pm Wednesday 23rd October 2013

I WAS so wet and cold after a morning walk with the dog this week that I had to sit in the bath for an hour.


I am drowning in a sea of mucus

Posted on 7:00pm Thursday 17th October 2013

I AM recovering now from the worst cold ever.


Dispute that does not compute

Posted on 2:05pm Wednesday 9th October 2013

THIS morning, the Teen announced that she was on a hunger strike.


The tale of the poisonous rosehips

Posted on 1:58pm Wednesday 2nd October 2013

I AM a lover of autumn.


Ideas floated in a party daze

Posted on 2:33pm Wednesday 25th September 2013

RINGWOOD is not the first place one would associate with hedonism, but every year its country folk give it their best shot as they celebrate the end of harvest.

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Play-fighting teen needs my superior make-up skills

Posted on 1:20pm Wednesday 18th September 2013

AFTER a lovely afternoon blackberry picking I came home to find the Teen, holding an ice pack over her eye, her friends looking on in consternation.

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My gown will be the talk of the ball

Posted on 2:49pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

I AM going to a ball on Saturday, just like Cinderella.


Sunny Spain seems so very far away

Posted on 12:17pm Wednesday 28th August 2013

WE are back home from our holiday in Spain.

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Flying phobia creeping back now I've bought the tickets

Posted on 8:00pm Thursday 15th August 2013

OVER the last few weeks I have felt the desperate need to escape the humdrum of everyday life.


So, the last laugh was on me - again

Posted on 2:27pm Wednesday 31st July 2013

DOGS are definitely more annoying than teenagers or mobile phones.

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Don't give your teenager a mobile phone

Posted on 1:45pm Wednesday 24th July 2013

I AM not sure what are more annoying – mobile phones, dogs or teenagers.

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Sandal wearing gave me feet like space hoppers

Posted on 1:51pm Wednesday 17th July 2013

I AM lying on the sofa watching my feet swell right in front of my very eyes.

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Teen's DofE adventure is a trifle un-cool

Posted on 1:20pm Wednesday 10th July 2013

THE Teen has an aversion to heat.

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Trying to hold on to the Teen's childhood

Posted on 2:36pm Wednesday 3rd July 2013

THE Teen had a sleepover at the weekend to celebrate her 15th birthday.


Flying high after tackling course

Posted on 2:15pm Wednesday 26th June 2013

MY mother swore she would NEVER fly with me again after my antics at Heathrow ten years ago.

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Father’s Day tea party in a no-fly zone

Posted on 12:58pm Wednesday 19th June 2013

MY Dad has a thing about airport cafes.


Encouraging your teens to hit the books

Posted on 3:17pm Wednesday 29th May 2013

I KNOW my little baby is a teenager, because already this morning she has told me twice that I am getting on her nerves.

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Horrible cats are the bane of my life

Posted on 3:18pm Wednesday 22nd May 2013

I HAVE lived in Ringwood for a decade. And in that time I have been into almost every single shop but until Thursday I had never been into the Fishing Tackle shop.

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Crushed by my addiction

Posted on 11:00am Monday 20th May 2013

COMPUTER games are for teenagers, right?

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I am training the Husband. Wish me luck.

Posted on 2:00pm Sunday 12th May 2013

THE two men in my life are both in the dog house.

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My dwindling kindling

Posted on 4:49pm Sunday 5th May 2013

THERE is a giant bright globe in the sky.

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My four-year-old has a life plan...

Posted on 1:46pm Wednesday 24th April 2013

BATE is otherwise engaged this week, so I’m standing in for her.


Flying in the face of fear

Posted on 2:38pm Wednesday 10th April 2013

I HAVE a phobia of flying.


Mother could never be a shrinking violet...

Posted on 9:18am Wednesday 3rd April 2013

MY mother has what people might refer to as “something about her”.

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The photos are back - and it appears I have married Louie Spence

Posted on 2:00pm Thursday 28th March 2013

WE have had our wedding photographs back . . .

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Heroic LOML is hearing noises in his head

Posted on 12:31pm Wednesday 20th March 2013

SINCE tying the knot, LOML has been trying to become my knight in shining armour – flexing his masculinity muscles to protect his kin and kingdom.

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Duke of Edinburgh prep is a big expedition... for me

Posted on 2:00pm Friday 15th March 2013

AS I was taking the Teen riding yesterday, we passed a group of six miserable and exhausted youngsters, weighed down by their rucksacks, which were the size of six small Barratt homes.

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I'll be wifely... as soon as I've had a little nap

Posted on 10:00am Friday 8th March 2013

ACCORDING to several esteemed psychologists, marriage is more likely to make people happy than a lottery win.

Miranda Robertson »

Wedding of the century passes with a hitched

Posted on 2:00pm Thursday 28th February 2013

BATE is honeymooning.

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Cat hunt took my mind off my wrinkles and yellow fingers

Posted on 3:00pm Thursday 21st February 2013

THERE are less than 24 hours to go before I say “I do”.

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