HA HA HA. Did you know that research has revealed that dogs in this country are addicted to the television?

And the trend is apparently rising as our pet pooches prefer the clearer picture delivered by digital.

As you can see, there is nothing the Dog likes more than lording it in front of the box of an evening.

He hops up onto the sofa when he thinks no one can see him. And when we discover his big black body taking up all the room, he makes himself a dead weight so we can't lift him off – not that we really want to, he looks too cute.

Just recently the Teen and I have started to watch EastEnders. I have never been a soap fan, probably because I was too busy and I had a life, but since the Child has become a Teen, I have found myself at a bit of a loose end at 7.30pm.

You know, dinner is done, I have listened to the Archers, my social life has dwindled into non-existence...

Anyway, I love EastEnders. I like its pace, its amusing one-liners (there are at least two in every episode) and it always leaves me feeling quite cheery – probably because everyone in it is usually dealing with something dismal.

And usually when the Teen and I tune in, the Dog climbs up and squeezes himself in between us. By the end of the show the Teen and I have no room while the Dog has all of it.

Anyway, after reading that dogs are TV addicts, the Teen and I decided to carry out our own experiment. We wanted to see if the Dog would come and watch EastEnders if he wasn't already loafing on the sofa.

The Dog isn't really allowed to go upstairs. But as a special treat and for the purposes of our scientific research we let him, just the once. And he was delighted. He jumped straight on my bed and fell asleep.

But within seconds of the theme tune starting, he had woken from his slumber and was on his way down the stairs. He opened the door with his paw and within a blink of an eye, was on the sofa, in between the Teen and me.

It is EastEnders that the Dog is most partial to, not caring too much for anything else, although since Crufts has started (the Teen is a big fan) he has been casting an eye over the pastoral and toy dog categories.

In fact he was most miffed last week, when the Cat (Bernard, the annoying one) was rubbing his head over the Dog's nose and getting in the way of the screen. The cat completely ruined the Dog's view of the chihuahua.

The Dog sighed heavily and batted the cat out of the way (gently, of course, with his big paw).

Bernard jumped off the sofa but leapt up onto the TV shelf and started watching too.

So my VERY scientific research has revealed that not only does my Dog like the TV but the Cat does too.

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