Strange things, surveys. I’ve just been glancing through the questions posed by Salisbury Vision in the one they’re conducting prior to tonight’s public meeting.

They’re in the form of statements, and really quite cleverly worded. You are given the choice of 5 possible replies, ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. So how would you respond to the following?

“Diseased trees in the Market Square should be replaced with semi mature trees of the same species.”

“Some of the trees are too big and block views in the Square.”

“Some of the trees should be removed to open up the views in the Square.”

“The trees should be replaced with smaller specimens that are properly managed.”

“The War Memorial should be moved.”

“It makes a difference if English Heritage agree that it can be moved.”

“The layout of the Charter Market could be better organised.”

“I’d like to see the market used for other purposes.”

Personally, I disagree strongly with all the above, because they’re too vague. What constitutes a diseased tree? Which trees are too big? Whose views are blocked? What views need to be opened? Why do they say “properly managed”? Why should the agreement of English Heritage outweigh the British Legion’s opposition? What do SV mean by “better organised”? And what sort of “other purposes” do they have in mind?

Tonight all will be revealed at the public meeting. Hopefully you’ll be there.

(Incidentally, if you’re not sure why there’s a fuss about re-siting the war memorial, my pictures show its current location, and the alternative background. ‘Nuff said?)

The Studio Theatre at Ashley Road…

…has come up trumps again in supplying a “patient” for the Salisbury District Hospital’s new DVD on angiograms and angioplasties.

Those familiar with ST plays over the years will recognise “Jill Jones” as local actress Jill Redston, and she is totally convincing, even though we had to shoot it out of sequence (middle, end, beginning in that order).

The DVD’s intended for Cardiac Investigation Unit patients, but we’re hoping to show it at the Hospital Governors’ annual public meeting for Salisbury City constituents, at the Methodist Church Hall on October 24.

If you do see it, I’ll be interested to know if you think it’s more informative than the customary leaflets.

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