… asked the electrician we'd called in to discover why we kept getting power cuts (it was ants nesting inside a garden light: they'd come in from the rain and then caused a short circuit).

“All right, I suppose,” I said. “It might seem a bit lavish but then, they say it is 'the most important Medieval open space in Europe' [see blogs passim], so I suppose nothing is too good for that.”

“I just wondered if they realise how big the underground electricity sub-station is,” he said. “It's in the corner of the market place, at the Poultry Cross end of the footpath near the big trees (see photo.) You can see a raised structure there, but underneath it's a lot bigger. And there are major cables leading off in all directions because it serves the whole central area.”

“The point is,” he continued, screwing the de-anted light back into place, “if we get called out to do some kind of running repair we usually just dig a big hole and then, when we've finished, fill it in and cover it with tarmac. So I wonder what will happen if it's covered with this fancy granite they plan to use?” Good question. Over to you, Salisbury Vision.

  • A Wiltshire Councillor turns up at barely a third of the meetings he is expected (and paid) to attend because he's too busy doing other things. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur he's also a magistrate, a member of the Police Authority (right now a very important job), and represents us both at Trowbridge and as a Salisbury councillor in the Guildhall. I couldn't do all that, could you?

He is, he explains “neither unemployed nor unemployable”. But he is dispensable. If he is finding the Wiltshire Council job too demanding, maybe it's time for him to make way for someone else.

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