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Christopher Wain joined the Salisbury Journal as a reporter in 1960 following Army service in Cyprus during the EOKA emergency.
After reading History at Brasenose College, Oxford he worked for Southern Television’s Day by Day programme before joining ITN (and subsequently BBC TV News) as Defence Correspondent. He covered numerous conflicts, including Vietnam and the Yom Kippur war.
In 1987 he became the BBC’s Transport & Aviation Correspondent until his retirement in 1999.
Chris is a Cathedral Steward, an elected hospital governor, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and an active supporter of Salisbury Samaritans.
He and his wife Frances both belong to Salisbury Rotary Club.

Posted at 10:21am Monday 3rd February 2014

Springtime in Neverland

Strangely optimistic people, architectural artists.

Posted at 12:23pm Friday 5th July 2013

In praise of potholes

Whilst being rushed to hospital from his home in Wilton, heart spasm victim Ray Lee had an extraordinary encounter with a pothole in the Netherhampton Road.

Posted at 11:45am Monday 24th June 2013

Run that past me again?

Climbing down both on sides of a fence is difficult and undignified - as councillor Jo Broom has demonstrated to those of us who have been watching with growing disbelief the latest antics at the Guildhall.

Posted at 10:39am Monday 10th June 2013

Once upon a time...

… in the days when such things were possible, I asked the Bus & Coach Council to have two 55-seat coaches drive along the M25 near Heathrow during the morning rush-hour.

Posted at 12:31pm Wednesday 29th May 2013

We should envy today’s 14-year-olds…

…Never thought I’d say that but, having attended last week’s public launch of the Salisbury University Technical College (UTC), it seems to be every teenager’s dream.

Posted at 5:01pm Thursday 9th May 2013

Plus ca change...

The “new-look” Wiltshire Council isn’t exactly inspiring, is it? Most of those who advocated the creation of our ludicrously ill-considered unitary authority are still there.

Posted at 9:54am Tuesday 23rd April 2013

It’s not too much – it’s too little

Some years ago I attended a lunch and chatted to a Salisbury hotel manager.

Posted at 11:45am Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Whatever became of joined-up thinking?

Anyone who’s ever caught a train from Salisbury on a weekday knows that after 8am it’s impossible to find a space in the station car park. The commuters have got there first. So you must allow an additional 15 minutes to drive across and use the long-term section of the Central Car Park, which will cost you £7.40.

Posted at 11:11am Tuesday 5th February 2013

I can't say I really knew Ted Heath

Professionally I interviewed him for Day by Day when he first became Tory leader and twice during The Troubles when he visited units in Northern Ireland. Socially we met a few times at supper parties in The Close, and we had a fascinating lunch with him (hosted by Bishop David) on his birthday.

Posted at 3:22pm Tuesday 18th December 2012

You want to leave? So go.

Spending a few days in Brussels recently was a sobering experience. How many of us realise just how irritatingly irrelevant we’ve become in the eyes of the rest of the EU? They’re fed up with us.

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