Post op day 9

Today was a emotional day for all of us.

Missy had decided today was not for her and as we arrived at hospital for physio all she did was cry and cry some more.

It must be so overwhelming for a two-year-old to be in a differnet country with new people and have some pain.

So today turned into a day in bed.

I will let her off today but tomorrow she will work harder.

Post op day 10

Today is the day I can get Missy in the bath for the first time.

She was not too keen on the bath today which is very unusal so I was hoping that today was not going to turn into yesterday.....

We arrived at the hospital for Missy's daily physio session at 3pm and wow, did she shock us.

She refused to walk in her walker and asked to walk with sticks as she had just seen a little boy walk along the corrider with sticks.

This is a huge step for Missy and made me feel so proud of her.

She was offered either red or blue sticks but Missy wants pink so I can see mummy will need to spray these when we arrive back in the UK.

One step turned into two steps and so on, she was having help by her physio but this was only for her balance.

Thoughts went through my head... if she can do this in a day what can she do next?!

We have just sat down to have a meal as it's daddy's last night with us before he flies back to the UK.

I know Missy will miss him and I will miss him as I will not be running around after two children!

We now have a weekend of off physio so I'm hoping the weather improves from today as we have the tail end of a tornado which has ripped towns apart a few states across.

Catch up with you all next week.

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