Land Rover has celebrated its 65th birthday by showcasing both historic and modern vehicles at the Packington Estate. This, of course, was the manufacturer's proving facility from the late forties to the early seventies. The event celebrated key models in the company's history and 4x4 technological firsts such as anti-lock brakes, adjustable air suspension, electronic traction control, hill descent, terrain response, and stop/start technologies. Land Rover's longest serving employee, Roger Crathorne, was also on site to add gravitas to the event. And there is more. The manufacturer has created the Special Edition Land Rover Defender LXV to mark its 65th birthday. This 2.2-litre beast – that is a 90” Hard Top model with six-speed manual transmission – has Santorini Black paintwork to complement its Corris Grey roof, grille and headlight surrounds. It has a union flag decal on the rear too. Furthermore, the cabin is special thanks to its high-quality leather seats that have LXV embossed headrests/orange stitching. These extras ensure it stands out from the other two million Defenders that have rolled-off the production line. The Special Edition Land Rover Defender LXV is also exclusive as only 65 will be sold in the UK.

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