Bye Bye Tax Disc

11:12pm Thursday 23rd January 2014

By Stephen Turvil

How convenient. The Government has confirmed that the tax disc will be retired from October 1st 2014. But this is not the end of Vehicle Excise Duty - so motorists will continue to pay to keep their cars on the road. This initiative will come into effect for two reasons. Firstly, the disc is simply a receipt that can be checked by the police to ensure vehicles are taxed. But this paper trail is superfluous. Why? Because cars are monitored by a camera system that determines  – via registration plates – whether tax has been paid. If not, a reasonable size fine is automatically issued. Furthermore, eradicating the paper disc should save about seven million pounds per-year in administration costs. The Government has also confirmed that for the first time drivers will be able to pay road tax by direct debit. Options will be annually, bi-annually or monthly. How convenient. However, those that pay by instalments will incur a five percent surcharge. How inconvenient. Motorists will also still be able to pay at a Post Office, online or by telephone. In other news, the government has revealed that the maximum price for a car MOT test will remain at £54.85 until 2015. That is convenient to.

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