Amazing. The Jaguar Virtual Windscreen Concept is a head-up display that projects information over the entire windscreen – including the best line on a racetrack. Its purpose is to ensure the motorist does not have to look away from the road to the dashboard for traditional dials. The Virtual Windscreen - that could be available in Jaguar and Land Rover cars in a few years – has features for track enthusiasts and everyday motorists. Let us start with the former. Firstly, he/she sees a line that seems to be painted onto the road. This represents the fastest route. Furthermore, the colour of the line changes to indicate the best braking points. Hitting the correct line and braking points is key to a fast lap. The motorist can also race against a virtual, partially transparent, ghost car that might appear to be ahead. Its image is created based on the motorist's previous effort or via a third party's lap. Finally, it creates a series of traffic cones for the driver to steer through. Such a concept could teach control, etc. The system can, alternatively, present information more relevant to the average driver on a public road. This includes satellite navigation instructions and hazard warnings. Amazing.


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