Oh dear. Here we go. South Korea has introduced women only parking spaces in its capital that are longer and wider than their traditional counterparts. What a way to start the “can women park as well as men” debate. These “she-spots” are roughly twenty centimetres longer and ten centimetres wider than standard spaces, and outlined with pink lines rather than white. Some also have a women only sign painted into the centre that resembles a person wearing a short skirt. Nearby signs on poles emphasise the message - “men keep out”. These bays are now a standard feature of car parks that have more than thirty spaces. China has a similar concept too. Now, it could be argued that these bays are more sexist than an old-style comedian at the end of a peer. Why? Because their proportions suggest women cannot manoeuvre into a standard space. Whatever the thinking behind these bays there is – in my experience – one truth. Some people can park, some cannot. This is irrespective of gender, age, experience, size of the space, the vehicle, traffic and whatever the horoscope claims. So, no. Women as a whole do not need larger bays but some people - for whatever reason – might find them handy.

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