Would you like some tea? Okay - fetch the wood, grab a match, and boil the water over an open fire. Or, perhaps use an electric kettle. Technology makes life easy, so why do most motorists still prefer manual transmission?

Let me make my case. I recently drove a 'manual' one mile and counted the gear changes. This is tragically sad but 'professional help' is forthcoming. My journey crossed two roundabouts and one junction, and the entire trip required twenty gear changes. Why bother? In automatics, motorists simply move into 'drive' then slide into 'park' at their destination.

So why does manual transmission retain its appeal? No doubt when driving sports cars through sweeping roads, manual gearboxes help drivers feel connected to the experience. However, 'real life' driving involves traffic jams, speed cameras, and chugging along behind lorries filled with breakfast cereal. Why not make life easy? Buy an automatic, your left foot will love you forever.