The Jaguar XF is more striking than a supermodel on the beach. However, as is the eventual fate of even the most beautiful people, this mighty saloon is now middle-aged. Time for a nip and tuck. The surgeon has performed liposuction on several key body parts. The wings and front bumper have been re-sculpted to maintain a youthful appearance, and collagen filler has exaggerated the bonnet's menacing power bulge. It also had a nose job, hence LED lights.

The Jaguar XF's interior has been tweaked too. For starters luxury loving motorists can now park themselves on revised leather seats. Secondly, the switches are more finger-friendly and it is easier to interpret their function. These enhancements are small but worthwhile. After all, there was no need to reinvent this sleek saloon completely - and its 'less is more' upgrade works beautifully. Perhaps surgery loving celebrities could learn a thing or two from Jaguar.

Now, some say that beauty is only skin deep. This is not the case here. The Jaguar XF is now available with a new 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. This is the most economical version and competes against the ever-popular BMW 520d. Jaguar's eight-speed cruiser produces 187bhp, returns a combined average of 52.3mpg, and hits 62mph in a respectable 8.5 seconds. Not quite as fast or frugal as the BMW, but then the Jag's overall feel is preferable.

The Jaguar XF's facelift ensures it can still compete in the image obsessed world of luxury motoring. In fact, it now resembles a thirty-something model. Still strikingly attractive, but more mature and easier to live with. Its economical new engine and upgraded interior see to that. As such the XF remains one of the most fashionable, capable, and complete saloons on the market. It clearly looks fantastic on the catwalk. No further surgery required.

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