Athletes take note... the MINI Cooper S London 2012 Limited Edition brings the spirit of the Olympics to the streets. Why? For starters, this three-door hatchback has a piano-black dashboard etched with landmarks such as: Tower Bridge, Battersea Power Station, and the London Eye. This complements the London 2012 logo which is stitched to the dark leather seats. These also have Union Flag inspired detailing for hard-core patriots. The theme continues on the handbrake, gear-stick gaiter, mats, and exterior stripes. This athlete has other strengths too. It produces 184hp, hits 62mph in 7.0 seconds, has pin-sharp handling, and a sky-high image. I cannot think of a more “fashionable” car for 2012.

But that brings us to a potential problem. Whereas the MINI Cooper S London 2012 Limited Edition is tremendous fun now - what about 2016? How will this time sensitive lifestyle statement be perceived as a second-hand purchase? Some motorists will claim it is a highly desirable future classic – and they might be right – but for others it will be yesterday's news the moment the Olympics close and the British team counts its three bronze medals. Either way, this edition costs £20,130. As for its future value - time will tell.

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