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Stephen Turvil

Stephen Turvil

Number Of Drivers That Run Out Of Fuel On The Rise

Posted on 1:10pm Wednesday 4th November 2015

Ohhhhhhhh dear! British motorists increasingly run out of fuel in 2014 having ignored a warning light or over estimated a vehicle's range, Liverpool Victoria claimed.

Stephen Turvil

BARN FIND: Last Original Aston Martin DBS

Posted on 12:00am Thursday 1st October 2015

The last, original, Aston Martin DBS to roll off the production line has been found in a barn where it sat for 35 years.

Stephen Turvil

Women Charged More For Car Repairs

Posted on 12:00am Tuesday 1st September 2015

A British woman is typically charged more for a car repair than her male counterpart

Stephen Turvil

New Flash: Van Detects Potholes

Posted on 4:24pm Tuesday 4th August 2015

Good news. The potholes that make life a misery for millions can now be catalogued faster thanks to a revolutionary new system built into a van.

Stephen Turvil

Barn Find: Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Posted on 12:00am Monday 1st June 2015

A Jaguar E-Type Roadster with only 7,740 miles on the clock has been found in a garage 25 years after it last hit the road.

Stephen Turvil

Land Rover Defender: Bee On The Roof

Posted on 12:00am Friday 1st May 2015

Really? Yes. Honest. A Land Rover Defender with a bee painted on its roof and 27 exterior colours has been produced in collaboration with Sir Paul Smith, a leading designer.

Bentley has confirmed the name of its forthcoming Range Rover rival

Posted on 12:00am Saturday 4th April 2015

Bentley has confirmed the name of its forthcoming Range Rover rival, the “Bentayga”. Its name is inspired by Roque Bentayga which is a famous rock formation on Gran Canaria.

Stephen Turvil

The last, original, Aston Martin DBS to roll off the production line has been found in a barn where it sat for 35 years.

Posted on 1:24pm Thursday 19th March 2015

The last, original, Aston Martin DBS to roll off the production line has been found in a barn where it sat for 35 years.

Stephen Turvil

Drivers Should Have Eyesight Tested By Law

Posted on 12:00am Sunday 1st February 2015

The government should require drivers to have their eyesight tested regularly, road safety charity Brake has claimed.

Stephen Turvil

Motorists Against Self-Driving Cars On Road In 2015

Posted on 12:00am Thursday 1st January 2015

More than sixty-six percent of motorists are against government plans to allow self-driving vehicles to be tested on the road from January 2015

Stephen Turvil

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge has been taken to its limit by Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Posted on 5:29pm Thursday 20th November 2014

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge has been taken to its limit by Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Stephen Turvil

Shock: 40% Of Motorists Not Concentrating

Posted on 12:00am Thursday 25th September 2014

Shock: the Institute of Advanced Motorists has claimed that forty percent of drivers fail to concentrate consistently.

New Extra Large Parking Spaces For Women

Posted on 12:00am Monday 25th August 2014

Oh dear. Here we go. South Korea has introduced women only parking spaces in its capital that are longer and wider than their traditional counterparts.

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen Shows Track Day Enthusiasts Racing Line

Posted on 3:43pm Friday 25th July 2014

Amazing. The Jaguar Virtual Windscreen Concept is a head-up display that projects information over the entire windscree

Stephen Turvil

The Audi Traffic Light Recognition System could make waiting for red lights a thing of the past.

Posted on 12:00am Tuesday 24th June 2014

The Audi Traffic Light Recognition System could make waiting for red lights a thing of the past.

Stephen Turvil

Motoring Journalist Counts To Very High Number

Posted on 12:00am Saturday 24th May 2014

News flash. The Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders has revealed that the number of cars in the United Kingdom hit a new high in 2013.

Stephen Turvil

Wow: Apple CarPlay Available In 2014

Posted on 11:22pm Thursday 24th April 2014

Wow. Apple CarPlay is software that transfers the functions of a mobile phone to a car's built-in interface.

Stephen Turvil

How To Reduce The Cost Of Motoring

Posted on 12:00am Wednesday 19th March 2014

Minimising the cost of motoring is easier than counting to ten.

Stephen Turvil

Oh Yes - Volkswagen Beetle Dune

Posted on 12:00am Wednesday 19th February 2014

Beach lovers: the Volkswagen Beetle Dune makes the prospect of building a sandcastle feel completely futile.

Stephen Turvil

Bye Bye Tax Disc

Posted on 11:12pm Thursday 23rd January 2014

How convenient. The Government has confirmed that the tax disc will be retired from October 1st 2014.

Stephen Turvil

New Gearbox Could Revolutionise Motoring

Posted on 12:00am Sunday 15th December 2013

The Controlled Rotation System Gearbox could revolutionise motoring - and cycling – and shipping - and windmills - and numerous other types of machine.

Stephen Turvil

Good News: Cars Exceed Official Fuel Consumption Figures

Posted on 1:26pm Friday 15th November 2013

The MPG Marathon has crushed the myth that cars cannot hit their manufacturer's fuel consumption figures.

Stephen Turvil

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty Crooks

Posted on 11:03pm Thursday 10th October 2013

Insurance fraudsters have created a new technique for causing profitable traffic collisions

Stephen Turvil

Fastest Lawnmower In The World

Posted on 12:13am Saturday 7th September 2013

Yes, seriously. Honda has created the world's fastest lawnmower

Stephen Turvil

Land Rover Celebrates 65th Birthday

Posted on 9:21pm Thursday 1st August 2013

Land Rover has celebrated its 65th birthday by showcasing both historic and modern vehicles at the Packington Estate.

Funny Car Insurance Claims

Posted on 5:57pm Wednesday 12th June 2013

Nudity, a fly, and the desire not to crash have led to some of the world's craziest car insurance claims.

Stephen Turvil

Mini World Record

Posted on 3:10pm Thursday 9th May 2013

Guinness World Records has confirmed that two brothers have smashed the record for the tightest parallel park.

Stephen Turvil

13 Registration Plates Unlucky For Some

Posted on 2:15pm Thursday 21st March 2013

Grab the rabbit's foot - the DVLA is now selling personal registration plates that contain the unlucky age identifier “13”.

Stephen Turvil

Big MINI World Record

Posted on 2:53pm Tuesday 12th February 2013

Breathe in! The Guinness World Record for the number of people inside a MINI has been smashed.

Stephen Turvil

Top Gear's Submarine Car

Posted on 2:20pm Sunday 18th November 2012

The Top Gear Lotus Submarine Car created to honour fifty years of James Bond is now drying-off at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu.

Stephen Turvil

Barn Find MINI

Posted on 11:58pm Wednesday 19th September 2012

Expect to pay a small fortune - followed by a big one.

Stephen Turvil

The Queen & Her Car

Posted on 1:32pm Sunday 8th July 2012

Does Queen Elizabeth II have a rusting Ford Fiesta?

Stephen Turvil

MINI Honours London 2012

Posted on 12:00am Friday 1st June 2012

Athletes take note... the MINI Cooper S London 2012 Limited Edition brings the spirit of the Olympics to the streets.

Stephen Turvil

New Citroën DS4 Makes Me Feel Old

Posted on 12:00am Tuesday 1st May 2012

Good news... the Citroën DS4 has starred in The Saturdays' latest single 30 Days. Citroën has, therefore, released a behind the scenes preview for its Facebook fans. This shows the video's set being created, and the band members having their hair sculpted and make-up plastered. Yes, it is fascinating stuff. Bad news.... this new song makes me feel older than Moses. I thought “Saturday” was simply a day of the week - not a collection of five female singers. This is more confusing than the musical genre “garage”. I thought people park in garages. What next? “The Wednesdays” playing the new “Loft Conversion” album?

Stephen Turvil

What a Nightmare

Posted on 6:16pm Sunday 1st April 2012

What a nightmare. I have to first... teach a teenager to drive – and second... help her find a brand new car for under £10,000. Can you imagine the horror?

Stephen Turvil

Porsche Boxster Makes Head Spin

Posted on 2:55pm Sunday 26th February 2012

The Porsche Boxster makes my head spin like socks in a tumble dryer.

Stephen Turvil

New Toyota Aygo Shrouded in Mystery

Posted on 12:05am Wednesday 11th January 2012

Sorry, I cannot reveal the new Toyota Aygo's secrets. This is not because I have sworn to keep my mouth shut, or because I lack the time. The problem is...

Stephen Turvil

McLaren MP4-12C (Brace Yourself)

Posted on 5:47pm Friday 2nd December 2011

Brace yourself. McLaren Special Operations is here.

New Ford Focus Review

Posted on 8:00pm Tuesday 18th October 2011

The new Ford Focus will soon be more familiar than sliced bread. After all, its practicality and versatility mean it is virtually guaranteed to sell like yeast to a baker. The new model is an evolution of its predecessor, rather than a complete revolution. As such this small family car's ingredients are easily recognisable, but new spices have been added to update its flavour. So, is this distinctive new workhorse a stale loaf or a value-packed baker's dozen?

New Jaguar XF Review

Posted on 11:40pm Sunday 18th September 2011

The Jaguar XF is more striking than a supermodel on the beach. However, as is the eventual fate of even the most beautiful people, this mighty saloon is now middle-aged. Time for a nip and tuck. The surgeon has performed liposuction on several key body parts. The wings and front bumper have been re-sculpted to maintain a youthful appearance, and collagen filler has exaggerated the bonnet's menacing power bulge. It also had a nose job, hence LED lights.

Oh My! Here Comes The Volkswagen Passat Estate

Posted on 2:54pm Sunday 21st August 2011

The new Volkswagen Passat estate is a Volkswagen Passat estate. This is everything motorists need to know before opening their long suffering chequebooks. After all, this versatile load-lugger's reputation alone virtually guarantees trouble free adventures. Nobody would ask to see Albert Einstein's G.C.S.E. chemistry certificate. Nobody would question Sir Ernest Shackleton's navigational skills. So, no need to think too hard about the Passat. Just buy it.

Stephen Turvil

How to Spot a Clocked Vehicle

Posted on 5:24pm Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Motorists can follow a few simple steps to minimise the risk of buying a clocked motor.

Stephen Turvil

New Jaguar Makes Me Fall to Knees & Rejoice

Posted on 3:13pm Friday 6th May 2011

The Jaguar B99 concept car makes me fall to my knees and rejoice. That is because this potential Mercedes-Benz C-Class rival actually looks like a proper, hard-core, Jag. Let me explain.

Stephen Turvil

What on Earth is Happening?

Posted on 3:05pm Wednesday 9th March 2011

This is ridiculous! Seriously, come on – what on earth is happening?

Stephen Turvil

The Value of Valuations

Posted on 3:43pm Tuesday 25th January 2011

As the Salisbury Journal's Motoring Blogger, I'm often (okay twice) asked how much a specific vehicle is worth. This may sound like a simple question, but valuations are not as straightforward as some motorists assume.

Stephen Turvil

Did He Really Say That?

Posted on

Oh my goodness. Did he really say that? Surely no car dealer in the world would expect me to believe such nonsense. Yes, my vehicle loving friend, I've recently been trawling through the forecourts and been on the receiving end of numerous unbelievable statements. Here are two of the most outrageous:

Stephen Turvil

Choosing New Car Harder than Splitting the Atom

Posted on

Choosing a new vehicle can be harder than splitting the atom. This is because there is so much choice motorists often struggle to know where to start. After all, garage forecourts are literally overflowing with everything from cheap superminis to monstrously large 4x4s.

Stephen Turvil

Petrol Station Dilemma

Posted on

It was a sunny day at the petrol station. The birds sang, leaves rustled in the breeze, and an angry man swore and pounded his fists on the bonnet of his BMW.

Stephen Turvil

Motoring Writer Sanctions Golf Club Abuse

Posted on 11:04pm Saturday 19th June 2010

My mind is full of questions such as what is the meaning of life, are we alone in the universe, and can you store golf clubs in the glove-box of a family hatchback?

Stephen Turvil

Car Designers Tearing Own Hair Out

Posted on 1:15pm Saturday 24th April 2010

People who design cars are normally easy to spot. They can often be seen tearing their hair out, sobbing uncontrollably, and aimlessly pondering the meaning of existence. These tortured souls have been forced into this state because...

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