MARVEL, vinyl, Batman and Star Wars are among the treasures to be found in a new shop set to open its doors this weekend.

Cool, in the Cross Keys shopping centre in Salisbury, is an innovative new venture being backed by the city’s Chamber of Commerce to allow a new independent trader to open and try out a store for three months free of charge.

The Can-do campaign saw Cool picked by a panel of five judges. The store will sell a variety of film, music and TV merchandise along with a selection of vinyl records.

Behind the venture is Colin Mundy, who is returning to the retail world seven years after he left Stand Out Records in Fisherton Street.

“I worked for other people for a bit but that didn’t really suit me,” he said. “I’ve worked in various other areas and I was considering what to do next – it was serendipity that this competition came up.

“I’m Salisbury born and bred and I don’t want to see the city look like Andover. It needs independent retailers and something a bit different.

This is a chance to mingle among all the phone shops and hairdressers.”

Mr Mundy is inviting people to come in, look at his stock and suggest what else they want him to sell.

“I’m 48,” he said. “I don’t know what’s cool! I want to sell things that are quirky– both retro and current – and I want people to tell me what they want.”

The shop will be officially opening on Saturday, with flyers being handed out in the city centre for a 20 per cent discount and a free can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi (whichever you think is cooler).

Customers can put their ideas to Mr Mundy in the store, email him at or find the shop on Facebook.