YOUNGSTERS can get a taste of boardroom life at a special business course being launched in Salisbury this summer.

Super Camps is hosting a week-long course at Godolphin School called A Passion For...Business, which aims to instil the pleasures of profit as well as the perils of loss.

Children can learn how to formulate and pitch ideas, how to present, how to market and how to ensure the costs of production do not exceed the sale price.

Guy Ker, managing director of Super Camps, said: “A Passion For...Business should give Salisbury children a really good commercial grounding and get across the idea that making money is funny.

“There are specific tasks like sourcing and designing new concept sandwiches, and putting on a music festival, which are classic scenarios for budding entrepreneurs.

We believe this is the first time a major children’s activity organisation has introduced the idea of business as a fun way to spend creative time.”

Super Camps was founded in 1996, and runs children’s holiday activities at schools across the country.

Mr Ker added: “Our research tells us that the UK’s well-known entrepreneurial spirit is stirring at a younger age than ever before.

“Parents and schools are also enthused as the course will give children a practical business grounding that could stand them in good stead generally.”

Not all of the course is classroom based, and children working on an F1 marketing theme will race it out on pedal karts in the school grounds as part of their session.

“Work hard, play hard – that is the business ethos that Super Camps definitely supports,”

said Mr Ker.

“Our motto is ‘ludi incipiant’ – let the games begin.”

For more information about the one-week course, which costs £160, visit