Presented by: Revd David Linaker

Winner: Irene Piera Films 

Irene Piera Films was chosen as winner of the award due to her “very strong drive and initiative”.

Revd David Linaker said: “She knows her market really, really well and she has invested her full self into her business.”

Miss Piera said: “I’m absolutely gobsmacked; it was lovely to hear my name. I think I’ve got a particular style and I think they liked the fact I’m so driven and just really enjoy doing what I do. It’s great to be able to share that with other people and let them know what I’ve been up to.”

Miss Piera makes films for promotional use as well as weddings.

She added: “I have always loved film; I did my degree on film production in Salisbury. The thing I love the most is creating films that people love watching.”

Finalists: Steve Coombs – Cathedral Hotel Emma Parks – Amber’s Beauty & Skin Care Clinic Jenni Hawker – Girls Love Fit