MORE than 2,600 people enjoyed an unusual day out when they visited their local sewage treatment works last week.

Sewage Week was held by Wessex Water to celebrate its 40th anniversary and also to spread the message of what not to flush down the toilet.

The Salisbury sewage treatment works in Petersfinger played host to 109 local visitors on July 3.

Head of waste treatment Ashlea Lane said: “We’re so pleased at the amount of people that turned up and the extremely positive response we got from the week.

“Thanks to Sewage Week, more people across the west now know how we treat sewage to a standard so it can be safely returned to the environment.

“Also, visitors were able to see for themselves the problems with flushing items such as wet wipes down the loo.”

Wessex Water said it dealt with 13,000 blockages this year, costing £5m to remove.