A NEW centre has opened its doors to provide contact support services for families affected by divorce and separation across Wiltshire.

Richard Alan House in Alderbury is the latest centre to be started up by Chances Gives Choices (CGC), which was founded by Claire Carter in August 2014.

The new centre was named after her late father and was opened last month.

Services offered by the centre include supervised and supported contact and a newly launched community-based parental assessment service.

CGC also travel out to families across Wiltshire to provide contact support services in the community.

CGC's first centre, Carole Anne House, which is in Romsey was named after Claire's late mother.

Currently 175 families are using CGC's services at Carole Anne House and Richard Alan House.

Speaking of her hopes for CGC in the future Claire said: "We would love nothing more than to be able to support the families across Wiltshire as we have across Hampshire, by taking the anxiety out of contact arrangements, as we safeguard the children and the adults during this delicate time. Your children's safety is our priority."

She says it is great to be a position where CGC can open a new centre.

"We do make sure we can accommodate each family's need," added Claire. "We provide a safe point of contact and do whatever the family need and adapt the service to every family."

Before starting CGC, Claire, who is also a foster carer, worked for Southampton City Council as a contact supervisor.

Although, she says she enjoyed the job she wanted to put her “own stamp" on support services and see if she could help people on a larger scale.

CGC looks set to expand further with a fourth centre opening in Basingstoke.

Service users can be referred to CGC's via children's services, Cafcass, the courts, mediation, solicitors or through self referral.

For more information about CGC go to chancesgiveschoices.com