A LUXURY bell tent campsite launched by a farming family last summer has expanded in size to meet increasing demand for camping in secluded locations.

The Cowards started Chalke Valley Camping last June as a form of farm diversification, beginning with two furnished bell tents. They now have five, with plans to add a further one.

Hector, who manages the site, said he was astonished at how quickly it had grown in popularity.

“We have welcomed people from across the country, particularly those looking for a base to explore the surrounding area, and see the sites of Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral – but also many that just want to relax for a couple of days and enjoy the panoramic countryside views,” he said.

“At the weekends we often welcome group parties who book the whole site, but during the week there’s a diverse set of visitors.”

Hector’s parents, Fiona and Duncan, run the farm and say they usually tell people the site is in-between camping and glamping.

Fiona said: “It’s important for many of our visitors to still have access to modern comforts, such as a cafetiere for a proper coffee, a hot shower, or a flush loo – but also be able to connect with the outdoors, see a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, and toast marshmallows on a campfire.”

Duncan has reduced the size of an arable field next door to increase the campsite to two acres of grassland, allowing space for children to play football or ride their bikes.

Offering advice to local Wiltshire farmers considering a move into glamping, Hector said “I would recommend it. It’s very rewarding when you receive positive feedback and you get to meet a wide variety of people.

“However the work involved shouldn’t be underestimated – you always need to be available to answer queries, and make sure the site is looking beautiful.”

Booking and availability at chalkevalleycamping.co.uk