A HANDMADE chocolate company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help its business grow.

Troffle, based in Bowerchalke, started in 2013 and grows as many of the ingredients that go into its patterned chocolates as possible.

The family-run company is now looking to expand and hopes the Kickstarter campaign which runs until May 18 will enable it do so.

So far it has raised nearly £8,000 of the targeted £20,000.

Founder Chris Bloor said: “We know when people taste our products they can taste the ingredients.

“For example, people say when they try our fresh mint ganache chocolates ‘wow, I can really taste the mint’.

“That’s because we’ve used fresh mint from the garden.

“We don’t use essences, oils or any preservatives. No nasties. We work really hard on that.

“But we can’t grow the business without having more space and the right equipment to grow more ingredients.

“We want to be able to grow as much as we can on our own doorstep and help bring employment to the local area.

“That’s what this campaign is all about.”

Troffle uses single-origin chocolate, sourced from Tanzania, in all its recipes, paired with a variety of flavours.

The cream for all the recipes comes from Jersey cows in a neighbouring farm.

Customers can order online and the chocolates are delivered in packaging that can fit through letterboxes.

The company is asking people to donate from as little as £1 to help the business invest in everything from seeds, watering cans and greenhouses to polytunnels and new members of staff.

In return, Troffle is offering an array of rewards including boxes of its chocolates – featuring vegan and gluten-free selections – as well as the chance to find a golden ticket and win a trip to the Troffle chocolate kitchen.

For more details about the project or to make a pledge, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/111011710/lets-grow-troffle-chocolates.