BUSINESSES in Salisbury donated hundreds of pounds’ worth of raffle prizes to show their support for the street pastors who patrol past their premises at night.

Thirty-five businesses handed over vouchers and gifts, helping to raise £1,200 for the charity, which seeks to make the city a safer place at the weekend. Prizes included meal vouchers, bottles of champagne and shopping vouchers.

Pastor coordinator Brian Percer said: “I was astounded, it was fantastic. They were such good prizes and there were so many of them “When we approached the businesses to ask if they could help, they said ‘yes, of course we can’. We were really grateful – Salisbury matters to them as it does to us.”

The street pastors are volunteers from 17 churches in the city who patrol areas of the city centre, giving out flip-flops and picking up bottles as they go.

Mr Percer said: “Predominantly we are there to help people when they’re on a night out but we’re just a small part of a jigsaw that makes Salisbury more successful.

“We work in close liaison with the police, Pub Watch, doormen and the council, among other groups and organisations.”

Gentlemen’s outfitters Chas Baker donated a £50 voucher. Deputy manager Debbie Gooch said: “We value them mainly because they keep the streets clean.

“With us being so close to quite a few bars in Milford Street, our shop door entrance was very messy in the mornings and the parking area as well. With the street pastors being around, it stays a lot cleaner.”

Fergus McMurray, general manager of Cote Brasserie, which donated an £80 meal voucher, said: “We see them around quite a lot at night and they’re always very friendly. It’s a nice, worthwhile cause.”

Other businesses that donated prizes included Waterstones, the Odeon, The Chapel nightclub and Greengages Cafe.