TURNING other people’s unwanted goods into garden furniture is nothing new but, for one Fordingbridge couple, it has become a way of life.

Carol and Stuart Grant are dedicated recyclers, their garden a haven for driftwood sculptures and other objets d’art.

“Nothing is wasted,” says Carol, whose garden even has its own lamp post and original chaff cutter.

“It’s made in Fordingbridge by Ingram and Phillips, but it makes a lovely bit of garden sculpture,” she says.

Above the pergola, a piece of wood is known as Hissing Sid. “I found this branch at Damerham and it reminded me of a snake - I think it looks very artistic.”

Carol accepts the couple might be seen as eccentric by some, especially by the sight of their wonderful collection of bedpans which make perfect homes for house plants in the conservatory.

But where the couple really score is their recycling of wood for their woodburner.

“We don’t buy logs,” says Stuart, “I have a builder friend who regularly offloads his wood and I am regularly on the lookout for unwanted wood, such as the trimmings from my neighbour’s tree.”

“I have always hated to see things going to waste and salvage what I can from skips,” he says. “I like to think of myself as a serious wood reclaimer.”