Chesterton Humberts Salisbury Rural Department held their first Land Auction on 21st June at St Leonards Hotel near Ringwood.

Over 60 people turned up to bid on the lots which ranged from 3 acre woods to 19 acre grass fields. Bidding was brisk with 5 of the 7 lots sold (one prior to auction) - all for sums above their Guide Prices.

David Pardoe, Director of Chesterton Humberts Rural Division in Salisbury, who organised the Auction comments, “The turnout on the night and the strength of the bidding on these lots of amenity land and woodland demonstrate clearly the demand for such small parcels which, of course, are priced at a level that many people can reach. ”

Charles Lucas, Director of Chesterton Humberts Rural Division in Marlborough, and the Auctioneer on the night, comments, “Land is still seen as a safe haven for investors and the small amenity parcels particularly reinforces the point that auctions are a proven method of sale for these unusual lots.”