SOME of Charles Dickens’ most memorable characters are spectacularly brought to life in this chilling, eerie production of Great Expectations.

Orphan Pip, sensitively played by Taylor Jay-Davies, is given a chance to fulfil his great expectations and transform from his humble beginnings into a gentleman in London, thanks to a mysterious benefactor.

He uses his new found social status to pursue temptress Estella (Grace Rowe) who he has loved since childhood.

Paula Wilcox captivates the audience as jilted bride Miss Haversham and Chris Ellison puts in a striking performance as terrifying convict Magwitch.

Father figure Joe Gargery is convincingly played by Steve North and his heart warming relationship with Pip provides a welcome respite from the themes of abuse and poverty that underpin the story.

Other notable performances came from Jack Ellis as Jaggers and James Vaughan as Wopsle.

The story is narrated by an adult Pip (Paul Nivison) who remains on stage acting in tandem with his younger self. The two cleverly come together for an end that sees a shocking revelation have devastating consequences for Pip.

Hannah White