AS the UK reflects on an extraordinary year in culture, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival is launching a new website featuring resources to help people use art to connect with green spaces.

The Nature of Art in Wessex project has been running for three-years and the launch of the new website will mark its conclusion.

It can be used by teachers and youth group leaders, and others can use to connect with nature through art.

Among the resources are step-by-step guides to a number of art activities and tips on how to run a workshop.

Over the past year alone Nature of Art has worked with 5,400 people including disability day centres, special needs schools and people living in disadvantaged areas.

It has led more than 70 workshops and staged 12 high- profile events over three Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festivals and at other festivals.

We are so proud to have built a network of groups interested in art in the environment throughout the region and to have worked with dozens of volunteers who have contributed more than 1,800 hours to the project,” said Nature of Art project officer Gjenya Cambray.

The new website, will be launched on Monday, December 3 at Salisbury Arts Centre.