SALISBURY Arts Centre’s resident artists Two Destination Language are spreading live art across Wiltshire with their first ever Flint Microfest this weekend.

The festival features 24 artists and companies across two venues, Salisbury Arts Centre on Saturday and then The Pound in Corsham on Sunday.

Flint is a new initiative organised by artists Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva to bring contemporary performance to new audiences in Wiltshire.

One of the highlights of the Microfest are The Butlers, pictured, which involves immaculately dressed butlers Fletcher and Thompson walking a line across Wiltshire between Salisbury and Corsham, armed with Victorian maps and traditional measuring equipment to record their progress.

They will leave from Salisbury Arts Centre at 10am on Saturday and follow the A360 north across Salisbury Plain, arriving at The Pound at 5pm on Sunday.

Audiences will be able to follow their journey at the Flint venues in the company of Edgar the Butler.

Other highlights include Pentapaper, The Machine of Visual Delights, which aims to create quirky and unique pictures especially for its audience.

South west artist Debbie Lee-Anthony will perform a show about niceness, and Salisbury-based artist Susan Francis will be exploring reality TV.

Flint aims to bring work typically shown in larger cities into Wiltshire and to show that contemporary work can be fun and enjoyable to all audiences.

A day’s programme running from 1pm until late in the evening costs £15, or £20 for a full weekend pass covering both Salisbury and Corsham.

For tickets and further information, explore salisburyartscentre. or call 01722 321744.