“WHAT if I’m one of the guys who never has a baby?”

That is the question Russell Kane ponders in his latest stand-up tour, Posturing Delivery.

Kane “gives birth” to his imaginary son on stage and brings him up in front of the audience, considering various scenarios throughout childhood.

His humour is clever and philosophical as his quest for love and fatherhood makes for a hilarious social commentary.

Kane’s energy and passion is infectious and his quick wit kept the audience at Salisbury City Hall laughing throughout.

The comic mocks people of all different backgrounds but his light-hearted nature means his humour can also be enjoyed by people of all backgrounds.

His comments on Salisbury were refreshing and made the show feel more intimate.

Special guest Chris M was also brilliant and he warmed up the audience well.

Both commented on the fact that the venue wasn’t sold out for their performances but it didn’t hinder them at all. It left me thinking that those who didn’t go definitely missed out.

Hannah White