THE Chough, in Salisbury city centre, has recently started promoting live music.

On Saturday their UK Alternative Roots night rocked to the earthy country blues of local favourites the Stone Donkey Pilots.

The Donkeys formed a couple of years ago when singer and guitarist Paul Blake, pictured left, teamed up with percussionist Steve Gee.

Multi-instrumentalist Pete Leonard soon joined, and now Rich Senior fills out the percussion. They often play with other musicians but Saturday featured just the core four-piece line-up.

Frontman Paul sings growly vocals and plays crunchy guitar, while Pete shows his versatility with all manner of string instruments.

The unusual percussion line-up of bongos and rhythm box gives their music a very distinctive, tight sound.

The evening opened with a short solo set from singer/guitarist Daniel Craggs, pictured right. He combines fine vocals and intricate guitar work. His set featured many of his own songs, including one which was extremely topical - Dan is trying to grow a moustache for the Movember charity campaign and has written a lament to his lack of success, which prompted several Movember donations from the audience.

Music at the Chough continues on Friday with a visit from Tommy C, followed on Saturday by Hannah Robinson.

John Palmer