THE yellow brick road leads the way to the stage at Salisbury City Hall this week, as Musical Theatre Salisbury goes on a magical trip to the Emerald City, via Munchkin Land.

And those who slip on their ruby slippers and follow Dorothy Gale and her friends on their quest to ask the Wizard of Oz to grant their dearest wishes won’t be disappointed.

Robert Preedy, David Simmons and Matt Sparkes as The Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow are every bit as endearing as they should be.

Jenny Mears puts in a cacklingly evil turn as the Wicked Witch, Laura Kitching is superb as the Sorceress of the North, and the munchkins are enthusiastically adorable.

But the star here is 16-year-old Natasha George as Dorothy.

The Avon Valley College student is word-perfect, dances and sings with a confidence justified by her ability and puts in a performance in her first role with the group that would be a credit to someone twice her age and with twice the experience.

In my preview of this production, I mistakenly referred to the part played by Toto the dog. He doesn’t appear here.

But don’t worry, you won’t miss him.

A show for all the family that the cast seemed to enjoy every bit as much as the audience.

Morwenna Blake