A RHYMING, very dialogue heavy adaptation of Robert Browning’s poetic version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin was the task taken on by the members of Studio Theatre’s youth group last week.

I’m not convinced the choice of play was a wise one - the cast must have spent far more hours learning those lines than they did enjoying them. But they rose admirably to the challenge.

Zoe Ashcroft as Auntie Hamps was excellent. The first on stage and the first to sing a solo on the opening night, she was obviously a little nervous.

But she had no need to be. Her performance was lovely and she delivered the dialogue with well learned and convincing aplomb.

Another stand-out turn came from Monaya Abel as Top Rat. A natural performer whose ability shone through.

And Kamilla Yates was perfectly objectionable as the spoilt, selfish Duchess.

The role of the mysterious and charming, but dangerous, Pied Piper was taken by Teddy Woolgrove, who gave an understated yet commanding performance.

This was a play performed by young people for young people, so it was a pity there were only a couple of kids there.

I took my nine-year-old, and he really enjoyed it.

Morwenna Blake