TODDLERS are taking some of their first tiny steps into theatre with the fascinating production, Frozen Forest.

The rehearsal room at Salisbury Playhouse has been transformed into a wintry wood complete with aromatic fir trees, animal footprints, a scattering of fallen leaves and mud.

Two performers act as tour guides, leading the youngsters and their parents around the forest floor.

The pre-schoolers were soon entranced as they listened out for animal sounds, dipped their fingers in a chilly puddle, picked up leaves and fir cones, and even explored the ice on a frozen pond.

Some of the sights and sounds are maybe a little too subtle for the youngsters to fully appreciate, and this fairly serious-minded production is a world away from the glitz and noise of a pre-school panto, which children might expect at this time of year.

But the enthusiasm of the performers was admirable, and they helped to build the experience of exploring the wood by interacting with the children and introducing verse and song.

It ended with a delightful snow shower, and as the tiny white flecks transformed the space into a real-life snow globe, it was hard not to be caught up in the enchanting inventiveness of this production.

Jill Harding

Frozen Forest is on until December 23.

Box office: 01722 320333,  web: