‘I LIKE To Move It, Move It!’ sang my five-year-old; as a fan of the Madagascar films, he was very excited to see the live stage version of the Dreamworks animation.

Aimed at children familiar with the film, all the main characters were present – Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo and Melman the hypochondriac giraffe. Not forgetting the conniving penguins and the limas King Julien and Maurice.

Keeping the set fairly simple, the story of four friends escaping fromtheir NewYork zoo and ending up in the wilds of Madagascar was told through song and dance. It was LOUD, particularly the lion’s roar which made my son jump every time.

The cast did a good job of impersonating the voices of the original actors – particularly the zebra and lima king – but I think a lot of the humour from the film didn’t quite translate as well on stage.

The costumes were impressive and realistic to the animation and, cleverly, the giraffe was on stilts, which seemed to work well. But for me (and my son) it was the plotting penguins and the limas who stole the show with their audience interaction and daft antics.

It was a fun show which culminated in a party atmosphere, where the audience could get up and dance to King Julien’s signature tune ‘Move It, Move It’.

Christine Stock

*The Madagascar Live! tour finished in Bournemouth on Sunday, but continues around the country. Visit madlive.co.uk.