GAVIN (Jason Watkins), manager of Valco, and deputy manager Julie (Jane Horrocks) are horrified when youthful and ambitious director of strategy, Richard France (Chris Geere), takes charge.

“Big is the new small,” he professes, and it transpires that Richard will oversee the transformation of the Warrington branch into a Valco Better superstore.

The tug of war between Richard and Gavin creates friction, reflected on the butcher counter where Andy (Mark Addy) makes a bold decision about his future.

Fishmonger Ray (Adeel Akhtar) has to contend with exuberant newcomer Dave (Danny Kirrane) at his station, while shelf stacker Colin (Carl Rice) and checkout girl Lisa (Beverly Rudd) excitedly plan their wedding. Conversely, kiosk assistant Neville (Dominic Coleman) is coming to terms with divorce.

Sadly, the third time is not a charm for Sky1 sitcom Trollied, which debuted in 2011. These 13 episodes, indicate a series on its last legs, not least with the midseason departure of Addy, who was one of the show’s shining stars.