POSTMAN Pat was the special delivery at Salisbury City Hall on Friday.

Pat and his friends, played by performers in bodysuits, sang and danced their way through this lively show, much to the delight of the young audience.

Little children love repetition and made no complaints when the cast launched into the show’s irrepressibly catchy songs for the fifth time, even if their parents struggled to get the tunes and lyrics out of their heads for hours afterwards.

Greendale’s talent competition required a solar powered karaoke machine, but inventor Ted Glen needed a bit of help to get it in working order.

Luckily the people, and animals, of Greendale are a community- spirited bunch and the grand show went ahead as planned – cue more renditions of those songs.

By the end, the City Hall resembled more of a birthday party than a trip to theatre, with youngsters merrily dancing and jumping about, having the time of their lives.