WORLD-renowned Moscow Ballet – La Classique will present Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake at Salisbury City Hall on Friday, March 7.

The ballet is a favourite of ballerinas and audiences alike, with leading dancers aspiring to dance in this fairytale story.

Soloists Nadezda Ivanova, Andrey Shalin and Dmitry Smirnov lead the company under the direction of Elik Melikov.

The ballet combines exuberant dances with beautiful solos developed by Moscow Ballet – La Classique trainer Evguena Novikova, a former principal dancer with the company.

The Moscow Ballet of Classical Choreography – La Classique was founded in 1990 with ballet dancers from leading theatres including the Bolshoi, Kirov and Kiev and Odessa Ballet Theatres.

Tickets are available on 01722 434434 or at