A SCULPTURE exhibition by John Maine opens at Salisbury Cathedral on Saturday.

Sanctuary comprises a number of stone installations in the Close and a procession of granite carvings in the Cloisters with a stack of 25 granite discs forming a column in the garth.

A sequence of incised stone panels, based on the floor patterns of the Sacrarium and Shrine of Westminster Abbey, will be seen in and around the Morning Chapel.

The exhibition encourages visitors to engage with the many meanings and implications of 'sanctuary', not least as a place of safety and refuge.

Here there are contained areas creating focus within the larger sanctuary of the Cathedral Close; mysterious places created for reflection and contemplation.

Sanctuary is curated by Jacquiline Creswell, visual arts adviser at the cathedral.

The concept was triggered when she saw John Maine's stone sculpture After Cosmati at the Royal Academy.

“I was reminded of the sense of calm reverence I encountered while walking amongst the stones at Avebury Ring and Stonehenge,” she said.

“There is a path that draws you in, through and around, inviting the visitor to stay and engage with the setting. I felt there was a resonance and connection with the stone and geometry of the cathedral.”

The Cathedral will be running a programme of events to support the exhibition including workshops, talks and discussions.

For further information call 01722 555124 or visit salisburycathedral.org.uk.

Sanctuary can be seen until July 23.

* Sanctuary will be exhibited at Salisbury Cathedral from Saturday, with a complementary programme of events. Call 01722 555124 to find out more.