FRIGHTENING looking soldiers in balaclavas patrolling the school reception before Propeller Theatre’s version of Henry V was something unexpected, and it proved to be a taste of the action-packed excitement to come.

The company’s spin on Shakespeare’s tale is an innovative but bold adaptation that condenses the play into just an hour.

It is performed by an allmale cast of six, with quick changes, versatile acting and crazy costumes and props.

The key moments are all captured in Edward Hall’s smart production.

And the cast showed no signs of jetlag, despite having just returned from a tour in Mexico.

Oliver Wilson played the lead role of the king powerfully as he engaged the audience with gritty acting and great projection in his voice.

But for me, the standout performance was Neal Craig’s hilarious but potent role as the French princess, who relished the chance to make the audience chuckle at every given opportunity.