BOXING fused with dance and a live string quartet might seem like an odd combination.

But Paris-based Compagnie Kafig’s Boxe Boxe perfectly combines the three to captivate the audience.

The show draws on the theatricality of boxing and dance, as eight outstanding dancers blend martial arts with street and contemporary dance.

It features breathtaking choreography from director Mourad Merzouki, who learned circus skills, martial arts and boxing before carving out a career in dance.

The large, but surprisingly agile, referee had the audience laughing out loud with some well-timed break dancing.

The brilliant Debussy String Quartet plays throughout and gives a different dimension, adding to the humour as well as injecting a touch of melancholy.

The beautiful playlist included pieces from Schubert, Verdi and Glenn Miller.

The lighting and set were used to fantastic effect, with punch bags swinging out over the audience and red gloves morphing into puppets.

The show culminated with the dancers showing off their amazing skills in a series of encores before a question and answer session with the audience.