THE dynamic Forest Forge Theatre Company has done it again, delivering another exceptional production.

Battle Lines is the first show from the theatre company’s three-year project, Connections, which has secured funding from the Arts Council to concentrate on the First and Second World Wars and modern warfare in the commemoration years.

Stories and memories from Hampshire folk were told at tea dances, hosted by the Forge, and then pieced together to form a trilogy of plays, written by David Haworth, that explore how war has shaped the life of generations.

The Call Up, Keep Smiling Through and In Our Name were performed by the cast of three multi-talented professional actors, Eilidh Debonnaire, Zachary Powell and Samantha Sutherland, who took on a dizzying array of convincing, passionate and engaging characters.

All three 45-minute stories, directed by Forest Forge’s artistic director Kirstie Davis, are filled with historical gems from Hampshire.

They are innovative, immersive and thought provoking.

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