“IT’S completely different, but it’s the same” is the mantra that runs through this lovingly and often hilariously executed parody of all things Doctor Who.

James Wilson-Taylor and Jessica Spray as A Doctor (not The Doctor, you understand, as that would be a copyright infringement) hurtle chaotically through time and space - and the trials and tribulations of musical theatre - as they try to stage a show without drawing down the wrath of the BBC and writer Steven Mofffat on their heads.

Jess is the always-needed faithful companion.

Jamie is everyone else – at one point, two someone elses at the same time.

This is a clever show that parodies a much-loved series and the fandom that follows it without falling into unkind mockery.

The duo also manage to get in some Les Mis and Sherlock and more than a bit of ribbing of John Barrowman along the way.

It’s all good fun and there are a few laugh out loud moments.

But not everyone will get it. Those who haven’t seen much Doctor Who may well end up wondering what on earth is going on as the person sitting next to them guffaws.