NO matter which of the original bands – Busted or McFly – is your favourite, a night with McBusted is a high energy fun-fest that will have you singing the hits all the way home.

When I heard that two great boy bands of my youth (with all the members minus Charlie from Busted) were uniting for a tour, I knew I had to go, and the gig at Bournemouth lived up to all my expectations.

Starting with a homage to Back to the Future, jumping around the stage, using inflatables and pyrotechnics - the six guys put on a great show that had the teenage, and former teenage, audience jumping up and down and screaming for more.

They covered a lot of both bands' back catalogues, merging the two seamlessly.

Air Hostess, What I Went To School For and Year 3000 from Busted, and Obviously, Star Girl and All About You from McFly all made the cut, but with so many hits to choose from there were a few notable absences.

In between songs the guys entertained the crowd with humorous chat and videos, although I would say some of it seemed a little explicit for the younger members of the audience.

Salisbury-based band Young Brando were a great opening act, getting the crowd fired up. I was a bit confused by the two following support acts, but maybe I was just the wrong age for E of E and 3 Dudes.

The show had a fantastic atmosphere and it's not hard to see why this tour has been so popular; the McBusted boys have definitely still got it.


* McBusted will be returning to the BIC on May 28 and 29.