A PROJECT that will capture Salisbury at different times of the day and night is being held for the second time next week and people are being invited to take part.

The idea behind 24 Hour Salisbury is that people capture their favourite aspects of the city through the creative medium of their choice.

Photographs, film, drawings, sculpture, blogs and poetry are all being included in the 24-hour interpretation of Salisbury life.

The event will take place between noon on Friday, May 30 and noon the following day.

Activities will take place at NewRED Studios in Fisherton Street and Salisbury Arts Centre, where pictures can be uploaded, scanned and recorded.

Local groups from all backgrounds are being asked to contribute to make sure the final work has as many perspectives as possible.

Contributions can also be made through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, with Salisbury Arts Centre creating a live feed of images onto a blog that can be seen by the public throughout the event.

The inaugural event last year saw hundreds of residents and visitors of all ages taking part, submitting film, photography, drawings and sculptures to create a multimedia portrait of the city, which was then displayed at Salisbury Arts Centre.

This year the contributions will go into a book which will be launched with sound installations and visual snapshots at NewRED art studios later in the year.