OBSERVATIONAL musings on everyday life gained comedian Miles Jupp lots of laughs at an almost-full Salisbury Playhouse on Sunday evening.

With four children under the age of four, Jupp has plenty of material relating to family life and many funny lines about having too many offspring - likening having children to suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

He is brilliantly observational but sometimes his act seemed a bit too scripted – I prefer a comedian who improvises and interacts with the audience more, but that isn’t his style.

His self-deprecating posh boy act provided many laugh out loud moments from the audience but I found it became a bit tedious by the end of the first half.

The second half was funnier and I particularly enjoyed his reflections on his past career, as Archie the Inventor in CBeebies’ Balamory.

Other highlights included his views on the overconsumption of coffee and Twitter.