DICKENS’ classic story of an orphan boy called Pip is told with humour and excitement in this one-man show.

David Mynne of Rabbit Theatre took us through the story, recreating some of Dickens’ most memorable characters – the escaped convict Magwitch, the kind blacksmith Joe Gargery and the eccentric Miss Havisham – with the aid of just a few props pulled from a battered suitcase.

He makes the audience believe in each character by creating distinctly different voices, facial expressions and mannerisms for each and slips seamlessly between them, bringing a story with so many big characters to life all by himself.

Mynne has expertly edited the hefty text to sum up the story in a succinct and enjoyable way.

Despite the often dark and gloomy content, he manages to bring moments of great humour to the piece with his malleable face and descriptive sounds for a delightful take on Dickens.