THE music of Taraf de Haïdouks is quite complex; unusual time signatures and quirky off-beat emphasis with fast-moving unison melodies across all the instruments, all played with impeccable timing and riveted together by the powerhouse of cimbalom (a type of large zither) and double bass.

Constantin Lautaru was the designated leader, and beamed over the proceedings, while playing a mean fiddle and singing.

The three accordion players played super-charged off beat chords, while Gheorghe Falcaru on whistle swooped and called on the top of it all.

Towards the end, Filip Simeonov led a showcase of the band members’ tunes, with some beautiful, slinky clarinet playing before we got bravura displays from all the players.

They seem to have such a great time playing together, you have the feeling they would sound exactly like they do, whether the audience was there or not.

We were guests at the wedding, marvelling at the band.