AFTER a week of reading But Excuse Me, That Is My Book to a very excited fiveyear- old, I was actually looking forward to a different Charlie and Lola story when we arrived to see Charlie and Lola’s Best Bestest Play.

As soon as the theme tune began, the excitement could be felt all around the theatre and Watershed Productions put on a show that exceeded expectations.

The interaction between puppets, puppeteers and audience was nothing short of genius and succeeded in the most difficult task in the world – holding a fiveyear- old’s attention.

From magic shows complete with floating butterflies to bath time with whales and cascades of bubbles and a trip to outer space to save an elephant from laughing hyenas, Charlie and Lola’s Best Bestest Play captures and stretches children’s imaginations beautifully.

My daughter Mollie’s favourite parts were the dancing dogs, when all the children couldn’t help but get up and join in, and the ogre that Lola was scared of but was just sad he couldn’t sleep with the light on.

In Mollie’s own words: “That was definitely the most extremely best play and I want to see it again now please!”