A VISUAL arts project exploring the relationship between Salisbury Plain and the legacy of WW1 is touring Wiltshire.

Cicatrix features work from artists Henny Burnett, Prudence Maltby and Susan Francis, a collaboration that interprets notions of mapping, scarring, and the creation of memorials. Salisbury Plain, and its development during and after the war, is used as a basis for the artists’ memorial work.

“Standing on the edge of a great plain, three artists have come together to share a journey, an exploration of the ‘landscape’ they inhabit. In this exhibition it is the theme that reaches out to visitors, binding past and future, ourselves and others, in shared reflection amidst the ambiguous legacies of human conflict,” said Professor Ewan Clayton, Professor of Art and Design at the University of Sunderland.

The tour begins at The Atrium, Trowbridge, between July 15 and August 25, visits The Young Gallery, Salisbury, between August 30 and October 18, and ends in The Museum & Art Gallery, Swindon, in 2016. Cicatrix offers audience participation and panel discussions by arrangement.

For more information go to cicatrix.co.uk.