MORE than 100 re-enactors will head to Old Sarum this weekend to recreate King Arthur's greatest victory.

On Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday the monument on Castle Road will be transformed into a sixth century hill fort protected by the British and laid siege to by invading Anglo Saxon Warbands to recreate the Battle of Mount Badon.

Tradition says it was at the Battle of Mount Badon that the Anglo Saxon advance into Britain was finally halted, and whilst the exact site of the battle is the subject of much debate, Wiltshire is a strong contender.

English Heritage event manager Jenny Rogers said: “The Battle of Mount Badon was a game-changing moment in the Anglo Saxon campaign on Britain and it seems really fitting to be bringing our summer season at Old Sarum to a close with such an important period of history.

“With more than 100 re-enactors joining the battle, this is our biggest event at Old Sarum, and with a mix of action-packed arena shows and hands on history this looks set to be a real highlight of the summer season.”

Warring re-enactors will bring the battle to life in exciting arena shows as the British regain control using infantry, cavalry, archers and artillery.

A living history encampment will provide greater insight into life at the time, as the warriors and their families demonstrate period painting, woodworking, cooking and leatherwork and people can see and handle authentic arms and armour. There will be displays of archery, javelin throwing, spear, sword and axe fighting and there will be drill sessions for budding young warriors.

The event is from 11 am to 5pm both days and tickets cost £5.50 for adults, £5 for concessions and £3.30 for children, with reduced rates for English Heritage members.